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engels werkstuk!(lees alleen als je engels kan lezen)

hier is mijn werkstuk/krant artikel.

Breaking news about Genny castle!

It was a dark night and I saw a car down the road, like it hit a tree.
I saw a old woman step out of the car followed by a very young girl.
I saw then walk up to Walter burge cottage, they went inside and they stayed inside.
I was curios so I walked up to Walter burge's cottage but there was nothing to see.
An old lady getting tea from a younger lady.
But then the younger girl went up to the castle, but I was to afraid to follow her up to the castle.
But I kept looking, 5 minutes past but then! I saw a fire up on the black tower and I thought there was a man in it.
then I saw the fire go out and like the half of the black tower was fallen down.
We would like to know the real story so we would like to interview the girl that was there.

Back to you morteza akbari.

yes here are the questions we asked the girl.

What happened with the black tower? why did it crumble.

Well its a long story and the snow it was heavy... and much wind... to tell you the truth it was a cat but it
wasn't a normal cat is was a witch it was the witch Alexa!

And the fire!?!? did the man burn?

no it was like a cold fire the only one who died was the cat...

can u please tell us whole the story?

well it is a very long story but I will tell it in short style:
I had to go to my aunt for Christmas and I saw the castle.
I was interested of the castle because they said it was a bad place.
But I didn't believe it but I found a book about the castle.
I saw the word witch and immediately I started reading.
I knew the story and I was afraid.
Did I already said that the witch tried to kill me with a stone???
No? Well I will say it now the witch tried to throw a boulder at me but I jumped
and it didn't touch me.
And at the end when I entered the castle I was looking for Walter burge's castle.
and yes the cat killed itself by pushing the rocks but he jumped on a falling rock.
And...And... You really don't want to know.

(¯´·._.·Genny Castle·._.·`¯)

vertaling komt er nog wel aan.

dag dag allemaal.


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